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Want to switch retailer?

Scroll down to find a useful overview of retailers in the Scottish water and sewerage market.

Switching retailer

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    Start by determining your business’s specific needs.

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    Consult the list of retailers below.

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    Contact the water retailer(s) you’re interested in and request any additional information you require. Or, use our customer enquiry form to ask retailers to contact you.

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    Once you have decided to switch, contact your chosen retailer and they will take care of the rest.

Need a New Water Connection?

If you’re constructing a new property or site, you’ll need to set up a new water connection.  

If you’ve simply moved premises, you don’t need a new connection (if one is already available), although you may change your retailer if you like.

Further down this page you can find a useful overview of retailers in the Scottish water and sewerage market.

New Water Connections

The new connections process

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    First you may wish to contact Scottish Water to determine whether it can provide your development with water and sewerage services. Scottish Water will provide you with guidance that may influence the layout of points of connection for water. For further information, you can access the following guide for developers, published by Scottish Water.

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    When you are ready to proceed with your connection, consult a qualified plumber or engineer to design your connections and to assist you with the application forms.

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    Submit your application through a retailer. You’ll find a list of retailers below.

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    Finally, Scottish Water or your retailer will schedule and carry out the connection, usually installing a meter too.

Retailer Hub

Below is a list of retailers you can choose from. You can contact them directly or complete the Customer Enquiry Form to ask some, or all of the retailers on the list, to get in touch with you. All business customers, regardless of their sector, size or water usage can switch their retailer.

Please note that Scotland on Tap is intended to help customers as they consider the market and options available to them. The website is not a price or service comparison tool, and WICS is not able to provide assurances about, for example, retailers’ responses to the Customer Enquiry Form.


Solving problems with retailers

If you are experiencing difficulties with your retailer and feel you have cause for complaint, you should first contact your retailer and strive to resolve any issues through their formal complaints procedure. You can find out more about the complaints escalation process here.